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Correct way to update Qt.

  • Hi,

    i have installed Qt 4.8.0 on a Windows 7 32bit machine to use with Visual Studio. I tried build from source and by downloading the Libraries setup file for VS 2010. In either way, the SDKMaintenance tool is missing, something that is present only when i install from the Windows Installer download (but then, the VS Add-In cannot work so i am forced to use one of the first two ways).

    So, when 4.8.1 release is out, what is the preferred/correct way to update my installation ? Remove 4.8.0 and install 4.8.1, only install 4.8.1 and "point" the Visual Studio Add-in to this new version or something else ?

    Thanks a lot for any help.

  • You can either install the SDK, which is what I assume you mean by "Windows Installer download", and then use the maintenance tool to update the SDK. The SDK includes Qt libraries, as well as Qt Creator and lots of other things. If you only need the libraries, installing the SDK seems unnecessary. (However, I cannot see why the VS Add-in would not work with the SDK - you just have to point out the Qt libraries and not the entire SDK.)

    Alternatively, you just install the Qt libraries. Then it is up to you which versions you want to have installed, and which versions you want to remove.

  • Hi ludde,

    let me clarify this thing:
    I have installed the "Qt Libraries for VS 2010". The VS add-in works perfectly. The only "issue" that i have is that the updater tool is missing from the (Qt) installation folder and i do not know what is the correct way to update the libraries when a new version comes out.

  • Well, as I said, if you just install the libraries it is up to you to manually install new versions and remove old ones (if you want to). AFAIK there is no maintenance tool for just the libraries.

  • Aha! I see. So, i will install the new version int C:\Qt and keep the old one for some days just to make sure my projects are working ok. Thanks for the help!

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