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Qt2.0...screen become

  • Dear All,

    well i gone through the way how to install and try to build hello world
    program. As i start to launch designer application of qt2.0 and found such
    attached non opaqe screen so, when i opened sub menu it will make me in bad
    bad situation so, i cant even read it. well i like to make clear i m using
    ubuntu 11.10 OS. i installed compiler and setup seems to be ok. only i m
    not able to open Designed app to make some form.

    Thanks in advance if someone help me.

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    Are you sure you are using Qt 2.0?! That is very old.

  • Thanks for reply well my ....Qt 2.2.0 and i use it to develop arm11 programme. As i newbie to arm so, i read on net it is the only version supported by friendly arm so, i decided to stick with older version. if anybody sure to use latest one with friendlyarm i will use it too.

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