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Hide shorcut text of QMenu Action and more ;)

  • I ve looking for an answer all over the internet but i dont seem to get one...

    i ve tried changing the stylesheet but i think there's no option to do what i want

    in the documentation i ve read that the action has: (icon-text-shorcut text), so what i want is to disable/hide the shorcut text

    basically i want Ctrl+F to disappear from the menuAction for example :/

    The second question is...i want to only show windowTitle and windowIcon
    so far i have this
    @mainWin->setWindowFlags (Qt::Window | Qt::WindowTitleHint | Qt::CustomizeWindowHint);@

    but the icon doesnt appears..(i dont want the close/help/min/max buttons to appear)


  • For your first question, this can helps:

    (QAction::) void setVisible ( bool )

    yourAction.setVisible (false);

    "This property holds whether the action can be seen (e.g. in menus and toolbars)."

    Your second question is a hard thing...

  • For your second question:

    No buttons in title bar:
    setWindowFlags(Qt::Tool | Qt::WindowTitleHint | Qt::WindowCloseButtonHint | Qt::CustomizeWindowHint);

    But this is platform DEpendent! (mac osx...)

  • hi thank`s for your reply, but...

    i want the action to be visible in the menu, i just dont want the Ctrl+F thing to appear, i just need

    [icon][action text]

    for the seccond option, no icon was showed :(

  • 1st.:


    I've seen now the doc about this, but i cannot see any solution :S


    "platform DEpendent"

    What is your OS?

  • Windows :/

    I ve read the documentation too, but i dont get any solution..i thought maybe with stylesheet of QMenu but i dont know... thanks for trying dude i really appreciate the help

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