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Cannot compile address book example

  • Hello all,

    I searched the web and this forum for an answer, but I couldn't find anything that resolved my problem. Anyways, I have the sample address book project loaded up and it is failing to compile on OSX 10.6.8. Here is the output I am getting:

    No valid Qt version set. Set one in Preferences
    Error while building project part1
    When executing build step 'QMake'
    Canceled build.

    I click on the Projects tab on the left and I scroll to the "General" section, and I click on "Show Details". I see the "Qt Version" is set to "Default Qt Version (Qt in PATH)". I click on the manage button and it shows me that the version it is using is in /usr/bin/qmake. So I got to the terminal and I type "/usr/bin/qmake" and I get the help output. What am I missing?

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