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QT_SYSROOT override

  • Hello everybody. I cross-compiled Qt 5.15.2 obtaining a qmake (used for configuring a "Qt version" in QtCreator) which has hardcoded the value of QT_SYSROOT depending on the absolute path of the PC on which I've compiled Qt.

    Now I need to move the cross-compiled Qt environment to a new laptop but I am not able to modify the QT_SYSROOT in qmake.

    I've already tried to set it using "qmake -set QT_SYSROOT <my_new_path>" but it does not make any difference.

    Any suggestions?

  • Moderators

    You may need to recompile it on your laptop, unfortunately.

    Normally I'd suggest going with q.tconf ( but I don't think it supports cross-compiled Qt.

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