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single bundle (.aab file) with builds for multiple architectures

  • Unless I'm mistaken, Play Console requires that you upload a single bundle (.aab file) supporting both armeabi_v7a and arm64_v8a.

    In QtCreator I can easily set up these two targets, but each build generates it's own .aab file.

    How can I generate a single bundle containing both builds?

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    Are you using newest Qt and newest Qt Creator? It definitely should work. I have not tried it recently but in the past it was building multiarch .aabs nicely.

  • I'm certainly missing something obvious.

    I just removed everything and installed again from scratch.

    I am presented with bunch of "Kits" to choose, each for a specific architecture. There are four Android kits, armeabi_v7a, arm64_v8a, x86, and x86_64. Each generates a separate .aab bundle containing only that version.

    This documentation page have screenshots for CMake and QMake with options to add a list of architectures, but I don't see that in my QtCreator interface. I tried it on Linux and on MacOS, with the same results.

    I have just tried to create a project using the QBS build system (which I have not noticed before, and is not mentioned in the docs), and it does have the option to provide a list of architectures, but I gives a bunch of errors when I try to build (one of them is "Module Qt.quick could not be loaded").

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    Hm, maybe something has changed in newest Qt Creator. Sorry, I don't know, I'm not set up for Android at the moment. This definitely used to work fine in the past :/

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