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Developing Android App using Qt creator for windows

  • Hi everyone
    I am totally beginner at working with Qt creator. I have recently installed Qt creator 5.13 for windows (NOT "Android" version)
    Now wanna develop an App to run on android, to do so it needs the android NDK installed but the problem is that although I have downloaded android NDK, it doesn't recognize the path I set for it and the items "Android NDK directory structure is correct" and "Android NDK installed into a path without space" are failed (in tools/options/devices/android)
    Any suggestion is welcomed and I would be grateful if you could help me.

  • I assume that it is Qt 5.13, not QtCreator. But anyway, you need to install android binaries too, even using Windows for development. The QtCreator shipped with Qt must be already new, and you can setup all tools from Devices -> Android that are required for development, including NDK and SDK.

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    @M-IrShahi You should start here:
    And you also should use a recent Qt version (5.15.2).

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