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Deployed Qt .exe runs but does not display anything on windows

  • Hi Folks , I've been trying to deploy and test my qt .exe on another Windows machine.
    When attempting to launch the application , the GUI gets displayed for a split second until it goes blank. I know for a fact that it runs , since it does not exit right after it goes blank , and am able to see my drop down menus if I click on their respective positions in the blank window.

    Anyone know how I can go about resolving this issue ?

  • @RudyRaph I assume qt.exe is your application.

    Did you run windeployqt on it, to gather all the plugins and dependencies? Looks like something from the set is missing.

  • @artwaw Yes I am referring to qt.exe as my application , I did run windeployqt on it ,and added the missing .dll's of my dependencies as well to my release folder.

    I should mention that I was able to successfully run the application on a windows virtual machine , but due to graphical limitations was forced to test it out on a physical machine.

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