What's the equivalent of "Install Debian package to sysroot" for the Qt Simulator?

  • I'm using QtCreator to develop a Qt Quick app that uses a plugin. When I run it under the Qt Simulator, the QML runtime can't find the plugin because it's not installed in $QT_DIR/imports/com/$WHATEVER. What's the best way to put my library and its qmldir file there?

    I've tried adding a Custom Process Step to the Deployment part of the Run Settings for Qt Simulator. Putting Linux shell commands in the command field didn't work ("Could not start process"). Putting "/bin/sh" in the command field and the name of a shell script in the command arguments field didn't work, either. It thinks at QT_DIR is undefined or the empty string.

  • I made progress! The variable I want is QTDIR, not QT_DIR.

    Now I know one way to install to $QTDIR/imports/: use a shell script.

    That works for Linux. Is there a more portable way?

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