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QMediaPlayer pause/seek/play anomaly (Windows 10/Qt 6.2)

  • I've noticed the following sequence of events produces (what seems to me) a surprising result. For example:

    • Load and play a video.
    • Pause (e.g. after 3s)
    • Set position/seek (e.g. back to 1s)
    • Play

    Perhaps mistakenly, I expected Play would start at 1s. Instead it jumps back to 3s and continues from there.

    Though I want it to Play from the seek position, I can't find an obvious way to remedy the situation though I may have missed something obvious in the API spec. So hopefully someone can shed some light.

    BTW: internally I noticed within MFPlayerSession, when event 'MESessionPaused' is handled, the member variable m_position caches the clock time (obtained from time source's GetCorrelatedTime()). This makes sense as 'Play' should again start from m_position.

    However, I would have thought inserting a seek between Pause and Play would change this behaviour as the intent is to seek and Play from a different position.

    Perhaps, when PMFPlayerSession::play() detects 'scrubbing' is turned on, it should update m_position before then calling IMFMediaSession::start()?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    The reasoning sounds good to me. I would suggests checking the bug report system to see if there's already something related to that.

  • @SGaist, thanks for the link.
    I will keep searching but I can't find anything recent.
    Do I create a new issue if I don't find anything the same (apologies, I'm not a dev so unfamiliar)?

    Thanks again.

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    Yes please, with a all the details and if possible provide a minimal compilable example so that the developers can get started with the same starting point as you.

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