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QLineEdit on OSX and the initial cursor position problem

  • I am experiencing a strange phenomenon with Qt 4.7.4 (was present in earlier versions too). Sometimes, when I click on an empty QLineEdit to bring it to focus, the cursor will start blinking on the right hand side of the edit-box (as if typing RTL). Only after the first key press and the first character appearing, it will "jump" to the left, positioning itself after the character I just typed. It this some kind of RTL/LTR confusion? should I specify something more explicitly?

  • I can imagine what you mean, but that never happened to me. Are you using the Cocoa or the Carbon version for the Mac?

  • Cocoa. I can hide the issue by enforcing and then removing content from the empty QLineEdit... but I was hoping for a mode elegant solution.

  • Really strange. Did you search in the bugtracker already?

  • Will do today. If it doesn't exist I'll see if I can submit a new one with "video evidence"

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