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[Moved] Qt Creator AutoComplete just Stops Working

  • Hello-

    I'm using Qt 4.6.2, and I can't upgrade to the newest version, so upgrading is not an option for me.

    The autocomplete works fine, but I've been working on this one project of mine for quite a while. I know there's a bug with it working with vectors and iterators. But now I'm having an issues with it working with something simple like strings.

    Is this a bug? or am I doing something wrong?

  • What IDE and what version do you use?

  • I think the version is:

    Qt Creator 1.3.1
    Qt 4.6.2
    From revision 8db640fa3d

  • You should be able to upgrade Qt Creator to the current version 2.4 - this doesn't affect the Qt version in use. Code completion etc. has much improved since 1.3 - it really is worth the upgrade.

  • So if I understand you correctly, its Qt Creator that's the problem, and its not settings I can adjust? Upgrading isn't something I can do anytime soon.


  • No, I wouldn't say that. If it worked before, it should right now too. It was just the usual advice to update to the most recent version - this shouldn't affect your development much.

    Unfortunately I don't have any clue what's going wrong with your current installation not doing autocompletion. I change the topic a bit to attract more attention.

  • Thanks. The computers I use, I can not update the software on. Its a dumb situation, but its something I just have to deal with. I'm getting alone fine, its autocomplete is a real nice convenience.

  • No way to install a private version of Creator?

    Oh, and I can understand your grieve - one get's used to those nice little features very quickly :-)

  • No I can't, otherwise that be the first thing I would have done.

  • Something that Might Help:
    If I exit the Qt Designer and then reopen my project, the autocomplete will work. Its like its not reload/reindexing all my objects like it does when I edit the GUI source files.

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