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QFileSystemModel - Customise Features of Setting ReadOnly(false)

  • Hey Again,

    Another small query,

    When we set the qfilesystemmodel to not be readonly ( to get drag-drop, rename..) is there anyway to turn a particular feature off?

    My main reason for asking this is that the double click tries to edit the filename, I do not want that action since I have a slot to open the file on double click. So with both together its like a nasty flicker on item(entering edit and exiting) on double click and file opens.

    I'd like the rename function that the default double click gives itself but say from a customcontextmenu or something.

    Looking at the data() function for qfilesystemmodel I'm not sure if we can have one without the other

    flags |= Qt::ItemIsDragEnabled;
    if (d->readOnly)
    return flags;
    if ((index.column() == 0) && indexNode->permissions() & QFile::WriteUser) {
    flags |= Qt::ItemIsEditable;
    if (indexNode->isDir())
    flags |= Qt::ItemIsDropEnabled;
    return flags;

    Would be nice if i could just disable the annoying edit on double click.

    Also how does the default model set the item in a editing state btw(provided it has a flag set for Qt::ItemIsEditable)?

  • Forgot to post a reply, but I solved this eventually myself.

    The flicker is due to QTreeView and its edit function being tied to a double click. Hence I just Subclassed QTreeView with

    bool DerivedTreeView::edit(const QModelIndex& index,
    EditTrigger trigger,
    QEvent* event) {
    if (trigger == QAbstractItemView::DoubleClicked)
    return false;
    return QTreeView::edit(index, trigger, event);

    ^^ That just ignores the edit call when the trigger is a double click and hence the flicker is gone. Also by using the same edit function from the context menu I could get the rename functionality as well when needed.

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