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Extension Dialog (Slide-out window idea)

  • I am trying to accomplish a slide out window on the side of my application, so if a button is pressed on the main form (located on the right side border of the window), then a dialog/window appears (the animation isn't required at this moment in time) to the right side of the main form. I am not looking to just extend the main form and add the elements.

    Now the tricky part of this is that when the main form moves, the dialog must move with it, essentially being attached to the main window.

    Heres an example (notice how it is behind the main form).

    Does anyone know of a good way to implement this? is there a good qt way to do this?

  • On the Mac you can just use the Qt::Drawer-style for Qt::WindowType. I think on other platforms, however, you will have to basically hand-code the whole thing.

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