Using the Close/Back -button in a QtWRT app

  • So now we know how add buttons to the top menu (thanks for that tutorial btw. - hoping for more of those...). But is it possible to manipulate the state of the close/back -button in the top/right corner and trigger functions when clicking it? This would of course be handy when switching views inside the app - a 'real' back button would be a nice way to return to previous view and more consistent with the OS and native apps.

  • No, unfortunately it's not supported yet :( But if your web app is in the "windowed" view mode, you have the close button by default.

  • Yeah, really quite familiar with the close button functionality :) Just wanted to know if there was a way to make it a 'back' button. Any idea if the support will ever come? Would be a really-nice-to-have feature.

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