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Great ideas. No skills. Need a builder.

  • i have a n8, loads of apps probably over 200 n use quite a few qt apps. I have a few ideas that, in my opinion, would be very usefully. I've never built any app and have no idea how to, but intend to learn soon, but no idea how soon. Although i would really love to see and test these ideas i have, only thing needed is some1 t build it.

    1. N8 has dual mics but only records mono, stereo would be amazing.
    2. N8 has fm transmitter and was thinking of a kind of so to say kareoke app. Speak on the phone mic while it transmits to a radio, while a sound track plays in the background via the music player. Would be a winner.
      3.used holospeed? Screen is flipped vertically, has the speed, when looked at in the windscreen of the car, can see your speed and road easily, now if maybe an app to flip the whole phones user interface and use them the same in the car, or atleast with the ovi maps.
    3. Split screen. Used road pilot? Has the speed trap cameras mobile and fixed. Now maybe while the maps are at the top, this road pilot is at the bottom t warn u?
      Anyone interested?

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  • No stress... Do you by any chance know anyone who will be willing to build/develop the apps

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