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Windows Deployment: Need SDK plugins directory present

  • Hello, had this question in the General section, but now realize it should be here.

    I’m trying to make a deployable directory that contains the app, plus all the dll’s and plugins needed.

    I seem to have it but have a weird problem. The plugins directory in the QtSDK must be present, even if it is empty, or a crash will result on startup in QtGui4.dll.

    This happens in release mode only, debug mode works. I set the plugins path with setLibraryPaths as the first thing I do in main to point to the plugins directory in the app directory. I'm using 4.7.4, msvc2008.

    Does this ring a bell with anyone?

  • Closed this one. Please refer to the "other thread":/forums/viewthread/13215/ for answers/comments.

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