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Qt4.8 prefix and relocatable build

  • The instructions for building Qt on mac indicate that a prefix should be given to configure. Okay so far, but the conventions of GNU autoconf assume that the given prefix will also be the final install directly.

    The QtSDK installer asks where to be installed, so obviously it is contriving to override the install path that was used when the contained Qt library image was built.

    What configure flags should be given when Qt 4.8 build output will later be relocated? What environment values and/or flags does QtSDK set up to make all of this work?

    Nothing urgent. I'm fiddling around with the build to understand how the SDK pieces get assembled.

  • AFAIK, the SDK binary patches qmake and QtCore, which contain as hardcoded values the various paths used for locating Qt headers, libraries, plugins, etc. There's no simple way to just "move" an installation of Qt to a different path.

  • I find it surprising that a patch should be necessary. This ought to be something that can be overridden by environment variables.

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