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Qt 4.8.0 Signal does not act like a Qt::DirectConnection

  • Hi,

    i switched to Qt 4.8.0 and downloaded the libraries from the homepage.

    Since then my code does not act like a DirectConnection although its definitive in the same thread and i forced this behaviour with Qt::DirectConnection as the fourth parameter.

    I use the 2010 Libraries. Unfortunately after "qmake -tp vc -r" all of my projects had an optimization flag "/O2" in debug mode?!?

    Now if i let this flag then the connection works as expected but i loose many debug features because some breakpoint positions were optimized away.

    Any idea?

  • Remove the optimization flag and recheck? Btw, some bugs were fixed in the connection handling code in 4.8. Could you paste a simple testcase?

  • If i remove /O2 then the Qt::DirectConnection do not work anymore.


    There seems to be a lot of broken things in VS2010 while 4.8.0 was introduced.

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