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Qt application Windows Deployment - using QtIFW

  • Hi,
    I've basic question about deplying a Qt application on Windows PC. I've loaded all the dependancy for a application using Windeployqt, and the application is working fine on my PC.

    Now I'm trying to create an installer package for the application I created. I installed Qt Installer Framework (QtIFW-4.1.1 ). When I try to do the follwoing configure call on the terminal:

    C:\Qt\QtIFW-4.1.1\bin\binarycreator.exe -c config/config.xml -p packages POMLInstaller.exe

    I get the error saying this:


    dxgi.dll is a DirectX library, I tried it placing it next to binarycreator.exe (installation directory of QtIFW) but that's not working.

    Any suggestions?

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