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I want to check the error log on Windows.

  • Hello
    I want to check the error log on Windows.
    I made a pointer variable from the qt source code.
    And the pointer variable is not initialized. (Error Caused)
    I ran the program and used the pointer variable.
    I caused the error on purpose.
    Because it is to get the information of the error that occurred during the program execution.

    //QMessageBox *testBox = new QMessageBox();
    [line number : 1000] QMessageBox *testBox;
    [line number : 1001] testBox->open(); // Error!

    I want to check the location or reason of the program error through the log.
    Is there a way to check?

    I checked the event viewer on Windows first but I couldn't check the information.

    Thank you for reading my poor English.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @LISP Usually one would use debugger for that

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