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Why the changes are not applied in my form, when using the Qt designer

  • Hi guys, I have the following problem.
    When making any changes in the Qt designer, for example adding or removing a widget, or making any changes visually, it is not reflected in the code, and when I run the program, the added widgets are not shown either.

    I tried doing Clean, Run qmake and Rebuild, and even delete the compilation folder, but nothing, any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Here is my form in the Qt designer.


    And when I run it, nothing is displayed.


  • @lincoln

    Are you sure you edit the correct version?
    In addition: are you sure that your widget really is the one you see there?

    How's your dialog created?

  • @Pl45m4
    What do you mean by the correct version?

    Well, regarding how you create the dialog, use the wizard that Qt brings, so I added it.

  • @lincoln
    It may depend on your settings.
    If you have enabled saving while building it should. Maybe save your file and rebuild it.
    As @Pl45m4 said
    You may be accessing different forms.
    See you have "editdialog"

    You may be accessing main application page not "editdialog"

    You should show something more than this.

    What is your application name?
    Do you have multiple files in your project. If so then there is nothing wrong there. You just need to either show it after window loads or on some events

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