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[Split] Meaning of faded tiles in forum lists

  • I want to know one more thing, that is in this forum the posts i am posting are being shown with faded title in the discussion board. Not only mine only...many posts are having clear titles and some are fade. What is the reason ?

    Thank you

  • [I split off this question from the "original thread":/forums/viewthread/13163/ as it's unrelated, Volker]

    Faded (grey) titles indicate threads that you have read already. If a thread is completely new or contains new comments, its title is printed in dark black.

  • But i see many posts in forum->Qt Develpment->tools those i never read at all

  • Maybe they timeout after a certain time. Marius or Gurudutt are those who know the gory details here...

  • When i just made a post, just after that i got it fade... and there too i found many posts of others' are also fade. That means my posts may be looked faded to others. :(

  • The black/grey titles are dependent on the currently logged in user. The others will see it as black, you have read it already, that's why it is grey for you.

  • I don't know when did i read so much of forum posts. I have read at most 10 posts(other than my ones) since i joined this site.. since then i find about 40% of the posts' tiles are grey every day.. I can post a screen-shot of the titles i see in the list.

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