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QDesigner questions

  • I understand that QDesigner integration with QCreator is "pretty loose", however, I need some assistance resolving few very basic questions.

    QDesigner has several modes of operation ,
    I can "go to slot" which in my interpretation bypasses the SIGNAL/SLOT and somewhat works as expected.

    Then I can edit signal / slot and that is little iffy .
    I can "left click" on the widget and SOMETIME I get the attached dialog. to select
    default SIGNAL and SLOT.
    The keyword is "sometime".
    When successful the mouse pointer changes to small cross.

    It appears that the feature "edit-> "Edit signals / slots" "left click" on widget can be used only once.
    If desired to be used more one has to start over from "edit-> "Edit signals / slots"
    Pretty odd since there is no feedback to do so. .

    I cannot find an official documentation telling me HOW to "left click" on the widget to get to the dialog CONSISTENTLY.

    The "signal" part is reasonable, but the "slot" is not .
    It has several "default" slots - such as "clear()", but no instruction HOW to track the more obscure "slots" likes "menu()". ( Where do I find "menu" code ?)

    Or how to add "custom" slots.


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