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Creating Android App which is works as service (like SIGNAL)?

  • Hi,
    I want to create messaging App (like SIGNAL) in case of use private in our company. I have Linux server and no problem about storing messages.
    I want to create listener app to listen my linux server but must run in the background.
    Is there any sample or guide about how to create backround running with Qt?


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    Usually, messaging apps use the push method and not the pull. Messages are sent to the server that then dispatches them. They are not polling one or more machines. That would be inefficient and wasteful in terms of bandwidth and battery lifetime.

  • Hi @SGaist ,
    In my scenerio, I will use Apache/PHP and PostgreSQL in the Linux Server. I store all messages and user information on the server.
    I will create app in the Android clients which runs in the background.

    I may use push mechanism which described here no problem.

    Linux server can ping to the client to check the messages.
    But in any case I need to create App which runs in the bacground first. :)


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    You would need a service.

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