Cluttered Tool Button in GNOME 3

  • Hi All,

    I've been developing some test applications in GNOME 2 with Qt. But when I moved to GNOME 3, in one of my applications, one tool button (just one) looks cluttered. Take a look at the attached images.

    Without Mouse Hover
    ! Mouse Hover)!

    On Mouse Hover
    ! Mouse Hover)!

    This is the XML for that widget.
    <widget class="QToolButton" name="toolButton">
    <property name="text">
    <string>Clear Fields</string>
    <property name="icon">
    <iconset resource="main.qrc">
    <property name="iconSize">
    <property name="toolButtonStyle">

    I don't see any reason for happening this. May be some conflicts or something with the GNOME 3 stuff ?
    It seemed like I should share here. The problem is reproducible as of now.


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