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Bluetooth LE on Windows : crashed when turned off BT driver.

  • hi, when i turned off BT driver on Windows, seem QT BT lib crashed.

    ASSERT failure in void __cdecl QWinRTBluetoothDeviceDiscoveryWorker::setupLEDeviceWatcher(void): "The device is not ready for use.", file qbluetoothdevicediscoveryagent_winrt.cpp, line 414

    seem, when i tried discovery BT devices with BT off, it crashed.
    but, i don't know how to know BT driver on or off. do QT lib support this?
    QBluetoothLocalDevice::hostModeStateChanged() and HostMode hostMode() always has result: QBluetoothLocalDevice::HostConnectable . -> it didn't work well??
    any suggestions to fix this issue?

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    You should add which version of Qt you are using as well as the Windows version you are developing on.

  • hi @SGaist
    OS: windows 10 (almost newest version)
    Device: Laptop with BLE driver built-in.
    QT: 5.15.2.
    Happened every time. i checked with QT BLE example, i got the same crash.

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    Then you may have found an issue. You should check the bug report system to see if there's already something related.

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