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Problem with QGLWidget

  • I wrote a small application that does a bunch of primitive 2D rendering to a QWidget. In an effort to resolve some lingering issues, it was quickly converted to a QGLWidget. I was surprised how little effort that actually took. But, now I've got some weird release mode issue that's keeping me from being able to stick with the change.

    What is happening is that on a fresh restart of the system (Windows 7 laptop), the application will run without any problem. But once I shut down the application, it won't ever start back up unless I reboot again. I've checked for the process still running, and it is not. One other oddity is that my application has two modes, one that uses CUDA in a separate thread and one that doesn't have that thread at all. The version of the application that does the "once and done" dance is the one that has the CUDA code.

    So my inkling is that it's related to the CUDA bit, but I'm unsure what could be going on as I'm in unfamiliar land (the CUDA code is not mine and I haven't done any GL work in a decade), and I have little idea on how to fix this. Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  • Oh, forgot to mention that it works perfectly fine in debug, CUDA version or not. Gotta love release mode only issues.

  • I take it back. It's crap in debug too. Disabling the CUDA code allows the application to work normally again, so there must be some conflict between CUDA and the QGLWidget.

    Any thoughts?

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