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  • hi,
    Suppose I have made project in Carbide C++ using Symbian SDK that has a variable 'a' having value = 2.
    and i have made another project in Qt Creator using Qt SDK that has another variable 'b' having value =3.
    Now if i want to take the variable 'a' from the Symbian SDK-made project and take the variable 'b' Qt SDK-made project and sum these two to 5 and keep it in another variable 'c' in Qt SDK, then show it on Qt GUI view "c=5", then what should be the steps i have to follow?

    thank you

  • Please help me.

  • You have to make those 3 project you mention into one Qt project. Then every variable will be available.

    For that, you should take a look at the article: "Using Qt and Symbian C++ Together":http://www.developer.nokia.com/Community/Wiki/How_to_use_Symbian_C++_and_Qt_for_Symbian_Code_together

    Probably it is overdetailed for what you want to do, but by reading it you will be able to do what you want.

  • Yes this is huge for me.. i need some simple examples as I am a beginner. Have you any idea ?

  • Ok i can provide you some general steps but you have to adapt them to your needs.

    1. Having the Qt project C (as you mention) first copy all the Symbian project A in the folder of project C.

    2. Next you need to update the C.pro file to make it aware of the new files. Add all the header files of the Symbian C++ project under the tag HEADERS (HEADERS += header1.h header2.h ...) and all the source file under the tag SOURCES.

    3)Go in the Symbian C++ project under the folder group and open the .mmp file with a text editor. There is a tag called LIBRARY. These are all the library dependencies of the Symbian C++ project. They need to be declared in the C.pro file as well as follows:

    .mmp contains these:
    LIBRARY lib1
    LIBRARY lib2
    LIBRARY lib3

    then in the C.pro you write
    LIBS += -llib1

    1. Copy the folder of the Qt project B in the folder of Qt project C and merge the B.pro file with C.pro file.

    Mind the paths when editing the C.pro file. Anything that you define must be declared with absolute or relative path to the path where the .pro file is.

    1. Merge the code of the 3 projects. As all 3 projects had a main function to get initialized, you will make all the initialization needed now in your one project C. From there and on it is up to you to decide which data or functionalities from the other projects you need to create the respective classes.

  • Thank you so much :)
    I'll try the steps you mentioned.

  • Thanks favoritas37, very kind of you :)

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