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MSVC2017 code build, windeployqt Access denied, binarycreator produces Installation, dll not found

  • Hello Qt Experts!
    I am building code using MSVC2017
    following suggested documentation,
    FIRST TIME on Win10 development machine, PATH set to find, windeployqt,- I find windeployqt I managed to produce library for INstallation generation
    I found QtIFW-4.1.0\bin\binarycreator.exe on Github, (could not download from QT?? it hangs)
    This produced installation package-
    This package did not produce code that could be run on new NON Qt installed machine dll not found. on insepction of dll we find Qt5cored.dll -(d setting) ok need release version of dll

    On Development Machine -My second attempt in using windeployqt trying to set --release flags;
    on dir w* - I find windeployqt has zero Memory size?? What happened?
    and - Access denied! NO installation package created. I naturally cannot proceed to Installation package generation using qtbinary creator.
    I am unsure what the manifest settings, sidebyside, are- I use MSVC2017 for all code development
    This has me stuck here for a week?
    Has anyone found a route out of this dilemma
    I need to demonstrate installable package
    It should not be so mysterious?
    I would be grateful if anyone can show me a work around.

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