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Updating the Windows style preview in QtDesigner

  • Hi,

    I'm developing a Windows application on Linux and I use the QtDesigner for that. I really like the "Preveiw in Windows" feature which enables me to get the general idea of how the app will look like under Windows. However, the Windows style used there is severely outdated - looks like it's from Windows 98. Is there any way to update this style?


  • Not really. The problem is, that the newer styles are rendered using the native rendering engine of windows. As you don't have those available in Linux, you cannot get the more modern Windows styles there. The older styles are implemented by imitating the style manually.

  • Thank you for the quick reply. Are you aware of any way to make Linux render Windows GUI more natively?

  • I just said so: no. The only thing you might try, is to get yourself a recent KDE version, and find a KDE style that looks a lot like windows. I believe (not: know) that there are KDE styles that look quite a bit like more recent Windows versions.

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