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walk a directory while ziping the directory

  • I am trying to walk a directory the user selects the directory and zip file name. When I go to add the filepath of the directory and the file name it adds the entire file path..



    I am trying to append the last folder name while walking the directory.


    void MainWindow::saveFile()
        QString existingDirectory = QFileDialog::getExistingDirectory(0, ("Select Zip Folder"),QDir::currentPath());
    	QString zipFileName = QFileDialog::getSaveFileName(this, tr("Save Zip File Name"), "", tr("Zip Files (*.zip)"));
    	qint32 err = 0;
        struct zip *packZip = zip_open(zipName.toLatin1().constData(), ZIP_CREATE | ZIP_EXCL, &err);
        if (!packZip)
            zip_error_t error;
            zip_error_init_with_code(&error, err);
            QMessageBox::warning(nullptr, "",QString("Can't pack open packed zip file %1 with error %2 and err_code %3").arg(zipFileName, zip_error_strerror(&error)).arg(err));
            return false;
        walkDirectory(existingDirectory, packZip);
    void MainWindow::walkDirectory( const QString& sDir, struct zip *packZip)
        QDir dir(sDir);
        QFileInfoList list = dir.entryInfoList();
        for (int iList=0;iList<list.count();iList++)
            QFileInfo info = list[iList];
            QString sFilePath = info.filePath();
            if (info.isDir())
                // recursive
                if (info.fileName()!=".." && info.fileName()!=".")
                    if (zip_dir_add(packZip, sFilePath.toLatin1().constData(), ZIP_FL_ENC_UTF_8) < 0)
                        QMessageBox::warning(nullptr, "",QString("Failed to add packed directory to zip"));
                    qDebug() << "sFilePath" << sFilePath;
                    walkDirectory(sFilePath, packZip);
                zip_source_t *source = zip_source_file(packZip, sFilePath.toLatin1().constData(), 0, 0);
                if (source == nullptr)
                    QMessageBox::warning(nullptr, "",QString("Failed to add packed file to zip source"));
                if (zip_file_add(packZip, sFilePath.toLatin1().constData(), source, ZIP_FL_ENC_UTF_8) < 0)
                    QMessageBox::warning(nullptr, "",QString("Failed to add packed file to zip"));

    The code works but it adds the entire file path rather than the selected folder name and the rest going forward.

    also how would i add say ../qt/books the "../" in the path?

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    @Styx said in walk a directory while ziping the directory:

    QString sFilePath = info.filePath();

    Change this to:

    QString sFilePath = info.filename();

  • The method you suggested didn't work. It should be copying the folder name to the zip directory but it doesn't.


  • @Styx It is not clear whether your last post show what you get, or what you expect to get.

    If your user gives you directory "C:\Users\1\Desktop\2\3\release\4\5\Numbers" you will not get the "numbers" part of the path because you start your recursion inside that folder. That is fairly easily fixed.

    To get a relative path to each file, you will have to either build it as you recurse or derive it by using QDir::relativeFilePath() on the QDir object representing the top of the tree with the full path to each file.

    Something like this with a good sprinkling of sanity and error checks (handling for sym links etc. too)

    #include <QCoreApplication>
    #include <QDir>
    #include <QDebug>
    void walkDirectory(const QString& sDir)
        QDir d(sDir);
        QFileInfoList entries = d.entryInfoList(QDir::AllEntries | QDir::NoDotAndDotDot, QDir::Name);
        foreach (QFileInfo entry, entries) {
            if (entry.isDir()) {
                qDebug() << "Adding directory" << sDir + "/" + entry.fileName();
                walkDirectory(sDir + "/" + entry.fileName());
            else {
                qDebug() << "Adding file" << sDir + "/" + entry.fileName();
    void recursiveZip(const QString& sDir)
        QString oldPWD = QDir::currentPath();
        QDir topDir(sDir);
        QString dirName = topDir.dirName();
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
        QCoreApplication a(argc, argv);
        return 0;

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