Gui with automated block diagrams and connection via click

  • Hello to the whole forum,

    this is my very first post. I just want to do some brainstorming with this one.
    My new project started and I am looking to do a little GUI where I parse some code (UVM testbenches in this case), recognize the classes within the code and create block diagrams out of that.
    Every class should have a block diagramm with its inputs and outputs.

    After that it should be possible to drag those block diagrams around and connect them to a DUT via clicking the ports of one block diagram and then one port of another one.
    QT should recognize these ports and create code out of it, when clicking the "create TB" button...

    Thats my rough idea. Now my question is:
    Do you think this is possible (I think so) and did anyone do something similar till now or has a idea of how to do this?

    Thank you so much!
    I will post any success in this forum.


  • With Qt's graphics view fraework, it could be implemented well I think.
    have a look at "this qt example":

  • Thank you joonhwan!
    I will have a look at this one!

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