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Why is it that on_button_clicked() doesn't need a signal?

  • Hi experts,

    I have a on_<button objectName>_clicked() slot function and somehow it is triggered every time a button is clicked, without any signals defined.

    Now that the button is definitely the most used widget so maybe this is automated under the hood, I still would like know the mechanism, and more importantly which widgets have the same behavior. For example, QTGraphicsView doesn't work this way.

    I already consulted the signal-slot page as well as the QTPushButton page but didn't find what I need.


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    This is done by QMetaObject::connectSlotsByName which is called as part of the you designer ui object setup method.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    When you us UI files, the code generated in setupUI calls

    which will try to match widgets and slots

    hehe one sec too late :)

    In any case. Its far better to use connects in the code as this method suffer from easy to break.

    if you ever rename your widget or the slot - it stops working. silently.
    So for a production-quality app, its best to avoid this feature however handy it is.

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