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Opencascade visualization in QT

  • Hi everyone,

    I am trying to execute an opencascade example: "MakeBottle". This example returns a TopoDS_Shape. I have been able to compile but I am not see any bottle. The qt window is empty. You can find the code below:

    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
      QApplication a(argc, argv);
      // create a Qt window
      QWidget *window = new QWidget();
        // create a bottle (TopoDS_Shape)
      TopoDS_Shape myBottle = MakeBottle(70., 120., 30.);
      // th DisplayDonnection
      Handle(Aspect_DisplayConnection) aDisplayConnection;
      // the GraphicDriver
      Handle(OpenGl_GraphicDriver) aGraphicDriver = new OpenGl_GraphicDriver(aDisplayConnection);
      // creating the Viewer
      Handle(V3d_Viewer) aViewer = new V3d_Viewer(aGraphicDriver, Standard_ExtString("my3dViewer"));
      // creating a View
      Handle(V3d_View) aView = aViewer->CreateView();
      Handle(WNT_Window) wind = new WNT_Window((Aspect_Handle)window->winId());
      // the Interactive context
      Handle(AIS_InteractiveContext) aContext = new AIS_InteractiveContext(aViewer);
      Handle(AIS_Shape) anAISShape = new AIS_Shape(myBottle);
      aContext->Display(anAISShape, true);
      return a.exec();

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards.

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    OpenCascade is providing Qt examples, did you try them ?

  • I guess the problem is rather related to the setup of the OpenGl context for the viewer or something like that than to OCCT. What OS are you on?

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