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How to hide 3rd party warnings in Qt Creator?

  • If I run QDrag-based Puzzle example (my app rely on the same class), I'm getting this message:

    onecore\com\combase\dcomrem\resolver.cxx(2507)\combase.dll!00007FFD2E8B4F76: (caller: 00007FFD2E8B1A05) ReturnHr(190) tid(1c18) 80040154 Class not registered

    I've found a topic about it here on the forums but none knew how to solve it. I googled that and it's just some Windows DLLs panicking and it's okay to ignore it. Well, it's hard to ignore it as it takes all the output (it's many warnings every second) so debugging with my own qDebug() messages is impossible. The error shows both with MSVC2019 and MinGW debuggers. How do I filter it out... or fix it?

    Ignoring first/second chance exceptions/access violations doesn't change anything for CDB.

    Is it like that for everyone with fully upgraded Windows 10 right now?

    Qt 5.15.2, creator 4.15.1, MSVC 16.10.31402.337, MinGW 8.1.0, Windows 10 SDK 10.0.19041.0

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