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error when displaying QML on Qquickwidget

  • Hello ,
    I get this error when i try to display my second Qml file on Qquickwidget

    " Object 0x55a7e487b1d0 destroyed while one of its QML signal handlers is in progress.
    Most likely the object was deleted synchronously (use QObject::deleteLater() instead), or the application is running a nested event loop.
    This behavior is NOT supported!
    qrc:/qml/automotive.qml:94: function() { [native code] } "

    Does any one know how to solve this please .

    thank you <3

  • this error is solved by using multithreads Signal & slots .
    For example :
    connect(workerA, SIGNAL(printMessage(QString)), this, SLOT(printMessage(QString)), Qt::QueuedConnection);

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