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I NEED A SOLUTION ASAP!!!*** Highlighting of the entire row in QML

  • Hi all, when the list view control is in the report view, only the first column of the selected row is highlighted. To enable highlighting of the entire row, what should i do?` Below can be seen the code and also a screenshot of output.

    Q_1-->I can highlight the selected cell with yellow. What i want is that any cell in the same row should highlight the entire row.

    Q_2-->to release highlighted cell i think i can use onExited function. or anyone has another idea?


    model: root.model
                delegate: DelegateChooser {
                    DelegateChoice {
                        delegate: Rectangle {
                            implicitWidth: root.width / table_model.columnCount
                            implicitHeight: root.cellHeight
                            color: root.cellColor
                            Text {
                                text: model.display
                                padding: 12
                            MouseArea {
                                anchors.fill: parent
                                onClicked: {
                                    var clicked_row =  model.row
                                    //console.log("clicked row", Object.entries(clicked_row))
                                onEntered: {
                                    parent.color = root.interactionColor // defined as property color interactionColor: 'yellow' (on top of code)

  • Hard to tell what you are doing with the code you posted. Does not look like a listview at all. More like a tableview.
    Each delegate can only control each cell.

    Possible solution.
    Determine which cell column you are in.
    When in column 0 then create another rectangle (transparent) and mousearea that span the entire table.
    Use this to detect when you are hovering in a row. Then make the rectangle opacity be 0.0 when not hovering and something like 0.25 when hovering. This will tint the row, but still show everything through. Make sure to set events of the mousearea to pass through if you need them in the cells.

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