[SOLVED] Not recieving notifications from QGeoSatelliteInfoSource

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to get notifications from a QGeoSatelliteInfoSource. I'm using Qt Mobility 1.1.

    I'm trying the following:
    When I start receiving updates from the QGeoPositionInfoSource, I create a new instance by QGeoSatelliteInfoSource::createDefaultSource(). Then I start updates and connect its signals to appropriate slots.

    satSource = QGeoSatelliteInfoSource::createDefaultSource(this);
    if (satSource) {
    satSource->startUpdates(); connect(satSource,SIGNAL(satellitesInViewUpdated(QList<QGeoSatelliteInfo>)),this,SLOT(satellitesUpdated(QList<QGeoSatelliteInfo>)));

    But the signals are never emitted and I never receive any updates.

    In the emulator it works fine. And if I start the standard location app on the phone, and via that asks for satellite info and THEN launch my app, THEN I get satellite info.

    Has this something to do with I need to start some sort of plugin in order to receive satellite info?

  • Found a solution. The problem seems to be related with some sort of timeouts. If the signals and slots are connected long before a GPS fix is established, then no signals will be emitted.

    Instead one could try to request updates periodically with a timeout, and when the request triggers the emitting of signals, then you can connect the slots.

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