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Can we have a Qt lib for a non-Qt 3rd party app?

  • Hi,

    I was doing investigation about how can I write my dll using Qt(so that it will be cross plattformed), but after exploring a lot not getting a proper way to start the event loop for this dll qt application object.

    I am facing problems for signals and slotting on Linux plattform , because of this, and it is stopping me to purchase the commercial license for Qt.

    Please help me if is there any proper way by which we can launch Qt application event loop from the dll.
    I dont have control over 3rd party application that uses my qt dll.


  • Non exactly, but you can some hints from QtMigrate framework(ask google).
    Though QtMigrate itself is for win32 framework but, you may find a clue(see the qt plugin dll example there)

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