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GammaRay: experiences?

  • I am trying to use GammaRay, but I can't get it to work.

    I have build and installed the software. When starting, I get a dialog with some listed processes (Qt based applications, but not all). However, when I Attach to one of these applications, the screen disapears and nothing else seems to happen. GammaRay is still running, but not showing any UI. I am interested to hear experiences from others in how they manage to use this tool.

  • Some more observations. When I start GammaRay from a terminal, I can see that for most applications, GammaRay just quits as soon as I try to connect. Only for one application (Quassel) it actually seems to do something. I actually do get a UI that I can use. It does seem to make Quassel itself unstable, but at least GammaRay does something with it.

  • OK, just an update with some new data (thanks for the help, ZapB!)

    By default, GammaRay builds in release mode. However, GammaRay needs to have the exact same build config as the application you are debugging. As you are debugging, it is likely your application is in debug mode. You can build GammaRay in debug mode by calling the cmake like this, instead of in the way documented in the INSTALL document:
    cmake -G "MinGW Makefiles" -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=debug ..
    The above is for MinGW; you should be able to do the same for MSVC (just add the -DCMAKE... flag).

    It seems that MinGW support is quite new, and in my experience, not quite stable yet. I'll try with MSVC next.

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