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Qt Creator 4.15.1 Linux: How to run in Wayland native mode?

  • Hi there,

    I installed Qt 6.1.1 open-source on Linux using the online installer.

    But on my Linux Wayland system Qt Creator 4.15.1 and Qt Maintenance tool are blurry. Whereas they are fine on Linux X11.

    My system specs:
    OS: Linux on Wayland with KDE Plasma 5.22 or Gnome 40 desktop
    Graphics: 2556x1440 pixel with 150% scaling

    Because they are blurry I suspect Qt Creator and Maintenance Tool are not running in Wayland native mode but on XWayland.

    The funny thing is that all QWidget applications that are build with Qt Creator (like the example applications that come with Qt Creator) are sharp. So I suspect they are running correctly in Wayland native mode.

    But why doesn't Qt Creator run in Wayland native mode?

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