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Using QtCreator with macOS Big Sur for M1 processor

  • I installed Qt 5.15.2 on macOS Big Sur, on a Mac with M1 processor. I was able to recompile (the main part) of Qt for the new arm64 platform, but I seem to be unable to select the correct compiler in QtCreator.
    QtCreator recognizes the new Qt version, but then shows a warning that there is no correct compiler available for this platform (there obviously is one available, as I just used it to compile that Qt version). You also cannot select an extra compiler in the Kit menu.
    Is anyone using QtCreator with an M1 processor, in native arm64 mode (not using the Rosetta-2 emulator) ?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @MattC You should be able to add compiler manually in Compiler tab in Kit menu. Then set this compiler in the M1 Kit.

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