LNK1112 after updating my project from Qt5 to Qt6...

  • Hi!..

    I was developing for 32bit systems using Qt 5... (used vcvars32.bat and mscv 32 bit 2019 compiler).
    While installing 6.1, I noticed there was no 32 bit compiler for installation so I installed 64 default ones (mingw and msvc)

    When i try to build, the error appears:

    fatal error LNK1112: tipo de equipo del módulo 'x64' en conflicto con tipo de equipo de destino 'x86'

    it is logic that this error happens since my project was being developed for 32...
    I'm manually compiling my program (not using IDE)... what do i need to add/remove from my Project file to handle this?


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    Remove the build dir and do a clean build with the new compiler and Qt

  • perfect.. thanks

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