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Only a Question

  • Hi, I'm a developper of computer based controlling systems to lift e.g. 50 separate hanging loads by manual control or moves preprogrammed by the operator - not my job .
    The equipment is made for road and thelayoout of the operating tuoch screen must be changed. at each installation.. By the operator.
    After 10 minutes teaching. In the current solution the operator clears the screen and puts one motor symbol (widget) aftrer another to the screeen.
    The symbols can have different sizes and contain several values like channal number, name,, currrent position and load, alarm indication, direction of movemens andd some others. Tthe operator can built ordestroy groupsmoving together. Noexternal notebook, only thh tuoch screeb. Can Qt do this ?Thank You

  • @Cocon

    Hi and welcome,

    FYI: "Only a question" is not a helpful name for any topic :-)

    Yes you can do something like this (at least the GUI).

    Noexternal notebook, only thh tuoch screeb

    On what kind of device is your program running at the moment?
    Qt also supports touchpads and touchscreens. So there shouldn't be any problem.

  • The hardware of the current system bases on PLC . The main PLC is connected with a touch screen.
    But wie discuss now to change to Arduino MEGA für each motor and 2 Raspberries for calculation and for operating using th Qt layout. and buttons. (For safety reasons we use some other handles.additionally) Is this a good idea ?

  • This sounds like a textbook example of QML application to me so yes, Qt can do it

  • @Cocon

    The GUI can run on your Raspberry taking the user input from your touch screen and then communicate with the Arduino's to control the system.
    Creating the GUI (as you've described above) should be quite simple and for the rest: You probably know better what to do and how to control your hardware

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