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Macros in Qt Creator Outline Tab

  • hello everybody. ok so i just started using qt creator, fantastic ide and a tool for c++ and qt framework.
    so i started to work on my project but noticed the outline tab in qt creator which shows, classes, functions, variables... etc is not showing the macros.
    so i was wondering is there like i dont know a possible way to be able to show macros in the outline tab too? like clion(if u have seen clion structure tab which shows the macros too).
    the project im working needs the programmer to keep track of macros, and i can't like possibily keep track of source code which contains alot of codes and read all the code just to be able to see the macros and count them.
    so thats where macros showing in structure coms in (outline in qt creator) but for some reasons it doesn't shows the macros.

    so i wanted to ask if there is like anyway like, i dont know doing few changes to qt creator? or installing plugin that will enable this future in outline tab(since i saw qt creator has plugin installing future).

    would really appreciate it if anybody can give me hand on this.

    best regards.

    Edit: forgot to mention that i also read the documents regarding this matter, and the document on outline states something about Tree View -> Show Binding (i take it here u like, i dont know choose to which element u want to show in outline? or add element which u want to bind to outline to show in outline tab?).
    but i just can't seem to find this option in outline tab and after searching for hour, it seems this option is only for Qt Quick + QML technology not for the rest.

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