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  • I've been reading a bunch of sites that say that QFeedback api in QMobility isn't supported in Symbian yet. I'm trying to get tactile feedback in my application. Does anyone know when it will be available?

    I want to be able to call:


    This is what I have in my .pro file:

    @CONFIG += mobility
    MOBILITY = feedback@

    am I missing some libraries?

    I'm getting this compiling error:
    @'QFeedbackEffect' has not been declared@

  • Are you missing @#include <QFeedbackEffect>@

  • Nope, it's there.

    @#include <QFeedbackEffect>@

    Does it work for you?

  • I haven't tried, just looking for the low-hanging fruit based on your compiler error message. What about the namespace? Are you using "QTM_USE_NAMESPACE" ?

  • Ah, that did the trick! Thanks!

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