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Can someone help me with the Python Vocabulary module

  • This is not specific to QT but I thought I would ask here. What happens is at some point the values returned are all empty and I do not know why.
    This is my code:

    import nltk
    from nltk.tokenize import  PunktSentenceTokenizer
    from vocabulary.vocabulary import Vocabulary as vb
    with open('C:\\Users\\damon\\Documents\\text_generator\\textbase.txt') as f:
        textbas = f.read().lower()
    custom_tokenizer = PunktSentenceTokenizer(textbas)
    mytokens = custom_tokenizer.tokenize(textbas)
    #sys.stdout = open('C:\\Users\\damon\\Documents\\wordclass.txt', 'w')
    word = ''
    mpos = ''
    keyw = chr(34) + "text" + chr(34) + ": " + chr(34)
    compw = ''
    mcopy = False
    for i in mytokens:
        words = nltk.word_tokenize(i)
        tagged = nltk.pos_tag(words)
        for part in tagged:
            print(part[0] + ":" + part[1])
            mtags = []
            if part[0] != "." and part[0] != ",":
                mean = vb.part_of_speech(part[0])
                ctag = ''
                if mean:
                    for i in mean:
                        if mcopy:
                            if i == chr(34):
                                if ctag in mtags:
                                mcopy = False
                                ctag += i
                        if len(compw) < 9:
                            compw += i
                            compw = compw[1:9] + i
                        if compw == keyw:
                            mcopy = True
                            ctag = ''

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    Without more details the only answers that comes to mind is that you exhausted your input or that the tokenizers do not find anything anymore.

    However that's rather a question for the nltk folks.

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