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Should I create my own view

  • Say that I have a SQLite database like this db.png

    and I want to show them to my user like this

    Should I create my own view ? What is the logical way to do it ? I want the data to be shown like this because I find it much prettier than putting them in a QTableView

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    Since it's a complete custom drawing, then yes, create your own view.

    After a better second look, I was wrong, all the content coming from the same row, you can use a delegate as @VRonin suggests.

  • With that method will it be possible to open something like a popup to edit the fields when the use double-click on an item of my view ?


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    Yes, you will just be responsible to trigger the editor yourself.

  • In the doc I found this sentence :

    The view classes that inherit QAbstractItemView only need to implement their own view-specific functionality, such as drawing items, returning the geometry of items, finding items, etc.

    What are those functionnality in term of methods ??? Does it mean I have to reimplement every virtual method in the class for my View ?

  • To me this does not necessarily need a custom view. You just need a proxy model that maps data in the columns to a single column with multiple roles.
    Then QListView plus a custom delegate should do the trick

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    After taking a second look at your picture following @VRonin's answer, I came to realize that I misread it. So indeed, you do not need a custom view (although it's an option). The suggestion of @VRonin is quite good and simpler.

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