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Scanning docs & reading barcods

  • Hello to All

    I'm tring to test Qt befor I consedir it as a IDE for C++ prgraming languge .
    but i wnat to konw how i can use it

    1-to scan documents and images.
    2-to generat and read Barcodes types (i.e: 1D , 2D barcods) .

    or Can I add new files or plug ins to my Qt SDK regrding to do special and custom works.

  • Qt itself does not deliver any of the functionality you are asking for. It just provides basic functions (does not apply to bar codes) that can be easily handled cross platform (does not apply for scanning). For bar codes, you may want to look at For scanning, you need to go native (TWAIN API on Windows, SANE on Linux, Image Kit on OS X).

  • Thanks

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  • And how it related to Qt apps?
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  • modbreak
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